Production News

After long delays STO is back in production.
Star Trek: Origins has resumed production according to executive producer Michael Dempsey. "We have had numerous delays and setbacks due to personal and family health issues, but we are now back on track and have resumed production. We are currently in pre-production on "Wounds of War", which we had hoped to release in late summer, but we ran into scheduling issues and had to move the set to a different location. It has not yet been reassembled for filming, so we are experience a bit of down time until it is back up and ready for action!

What's Next?

Next up: Aftermath and The Legend Project.
"We've already shot most of "Aftermath" , but need to reshoot one of the scenes, and we need to reshoot "The Legend Project" entirely, says executive producer Michael Dempsey. "I wasn't happy in the least with the production quality of "TLP"..most of which was my own fault, but outside influences also caused us problems. As for "Aftermath, there' s one scene we need to reshoot..there will be a wardrobe upgrade that I want to debut in that episode".

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Star Trek: Origins is now accepting donations! If you would like to help us continue our voyage, please click on the donate button below! You can contribute any amount you wish, and all donations will be put toward our production costs...set materials, wardrobe, studio space rental, etc. As of now, these deductions are not tax deductible due to our not yet being an IRS 501(c)(3) entity...but we're also working on that as well!


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Currently in production: "Wounds of War"

"Wounds of War" is in pre-production.
The first episode called "Wounds of War" is in pre-production and is set for a late summer release. The set is nearly complete and two outdoor shooting locations are being secure for additional scenes. The first official teaser video has been release and you can see it by clicking play in the video window. (It's a large file and download time will vary depending on your internet speed)